Redefining SME lending

In order to meet tomorrow's business challenges, we need to think profoundly different than the competition. There is no doubt hard figures play a significant role when it comes to lending. But our goal is to combine a rational quantitative and data-driven process into a personal and qualitative collaboration. Because future success has never been stuck between the numbers. It lies beyond.



Smart financing to accelerate great businesses


5x faster credit process.
Data-driven and tailored


Our customers grow 7x faster than the competition


We have supported hundreds of companies in growing their business
In the press

Listed as 5th fastest growing fintech in Europe by Financial Times


DBT has been entrusted by several international top-tier equity and debt investors. Backed by strong investors, we are on a mission to build the next generation SME-lender.


We believe in strong ideas, and the people behind them. That's why we are proud to have been a part of the growth journey of these companies.
Our journey this far
New 300 MEUR debt facility
DBT secures EUR 300 million debt facility from NatWest and Värde Partners to bolster its SME lending business
DBT listed as one Europes fastest growing companies by Financial Times
DBT listed as the 5th fastest growing fintech in Europe according to FT 1000: the sixth annual list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies.
DBT closes 25 MEUR equity fundraising
DBT secures 25 MEUR in equity to accelerate growth. The Swedish listed investment company Öresund led the round together with Öhman AB alongside previous backers. Both Öresund and Öhman have a proven track-record of fintech and challenger bank investments with Öresund being one of the first investors in Klarna and Öhman founding Nordnet, the leading digital bank for savings and investments in the Nordics. The proceeds from the round will enable DBT to further expand its lending offering, accelerate its market expansion as well as continue developing its proprietary origination and credit intelligence platform.
DBT signs 100 MEUR deal with NatWest.
DBT and NatWest agreed a securitisation warehouse facility, which allows lending of up to 100 MEUR to Swedish SMEs. The financing agreement helps DBT to continue meeting the quickly rising demand for growth and innovation oriented corporate loan
DBT and European Investment Fund sign 150 MEUR guarantee agreement to increase lending to Swedish SMEs
DBT becomes the first lender in Northern Europe to sign an agreement with EIF for their new credit guarantee program for SMEs. This unique collaboration with a 150 MEUR guarantee facility enables further financing with improved credit terms for Swedish SMEs.
DBT closes 3 MEUR A-round
DBT secures A-round funding of 3 MEUR to scale operations and enable continued investments in the Credit Intelligence platform.
Listed by Sifted
Listed by Sifted as one of the selected Swedish start-ups to follow in 2020.
DBT secures additional debt funding
DBT signs an additional debt funding agreement of 40 MEUR with an international top tier asset manager and a Swedish bank.
Milestone agreement with the European Investment Fund (EIF)
DBT and the European Investment Fund sign €80 million guarantee agreement to increase lending to SMEs in Sweden. DBT becomes the first private lender in Sweden to receive EIF support under the InnovFin SME Guarantee Facility.
25 MEUR in origination
DBT reaches 25 MEUR in origination without any losses
DBT secures 20 MEUR of debt funding
DBT signs funding agreement with The Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies (Östersjöstiftelsen) to support DBT's lending operations.
DBT is founded with the ambition of creating better growth opportunities for Sweden's SME. DBT becomes registered as a financial institution with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

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The team

Our team has extensive experience in entrepreneurship and financing. Partnering with DBT gives you a unique opportunity to invest in future success stories.
Robin Bagger-Sjöbäck
Max Mennfort
General Counsel


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